Caleb Curry

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  • 180k Udemy Students
  • O’Reilly Course Author

Who am I?

My name is Caleb and I’ve been creating YouTube videos on anything software development. I’ve covered topics from C++, JavaScript and Java, to mobile app development. 

I’m looking for other creators!

I am looking to partner with creators who can offer videos that help others solve their problems.  Only quality content creators will be considered (engaging, good video and audio, useful tips, etc). 

Guest post 50-200 Video Series

Share your message through an entire series posted on my channel. This will systematically cover an introduction to a topic. An example would be a 50 part React.js series covering key concepts, syntax, examples, and possibly a small project depending on the number of videos.

Serious Exposure

A series on my channel is a great means to drive subscribers to your channel, website, or training course. How many views?
My 100 part Java Series? 1.2 million views.
My 50 part database series? 2 million views.
My 100 part C++ series? 600k views.

And they're all growing rapidly. Obviously, I cannot guarantee any number of views, but if you make high quality content we are off to a great start.

Minimal Work

As someone who has created over 1,000 videos, I understand the amount of work that goes into them. Fortunately, I have a process to eliminate as much work as possible.

I just ask for one example video. If the quality meets expectations, you're free to produce the content in full.

This means no obnoxious 5 page proposal forms, table of contents, personal bios, or sales pages. No fancy editing or additional resources required.

Focus on the Content

With my bite-size videos ranging from 3-15 minutes (6 minutes average), and no unnecessary book work or documentation, a course can usually be created in a month or two part time. There's no 6 month review period.

Contact Us for Guest Series
Serious inquiries only please