Who am I?

My name is Caleb and I’ve been creating YouTube videos for over 10 years. Although my interests have changed as I’ve grown up, I’ve always come back to my roots–software development and entrepreneurship. 

I release regular videos on app dev / entrepreneurship and speak to a large technical audience who support me and my sponsors.

We offer very effective advertising avenues and are willing to work with many brands, as long as it’s a good fit. I’m excited to work with you!

Caleb Curry

  • 230,000+ YouTube Subscribers
  • 200,000+ Udemy Students
  • Software Developer

Sponsor Caleb Curry

20-30 second ad integration

Share your message near the beginning of episodes. Cost is $1,000 per ad spot with a minimum of 5 videos ($5,000).

$20CPM guarantee

We have a minimum guarantee of 1,000 views for every $20 spent. You spend $5,000? We guarantee 250K views.

Tracking Links in Description

Drive people directly to your product or service with links near the top of the description.

Potential Affiliate Program

Prices can be negotiated if recurring revenue from sign-ups is an option.

Contact Us for Sponsorship
Serious inquiries only please


Forrest Lynburner, VP of Marketing at Severalnines

Forrest Lymburner

VP of Marketing at Severalnines

“Severalnines was looking for creative ways to spread the word about our support for MongoDB and Caleb’s channel gave us a great opportunity to sponsor a series of videos to help grow awareness. Hope to work with him again soon.”

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